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Puttguard - A revolution in Putter Protection

[Category : - Golf- Advertising methods]
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What is it ?

Puttguard is a completely new, and original way to look at the Golf putter head cover.
Presently it is almost impossible to find a new and original product in the world of golf, at best most are slight variations of other inventions.
A new good quality Putter will cost upwards of $150.
The idea is to offer a new and innovative way to protect them professionally.
For a business or sponsor what better way to have your name or logo on Puttguard ?
It will be on the Golfers bag or trolley, on a golf course for the next 20 years.
Notice from the photos how prominent the logo is visually.
Plus the Ball cleaner, and Ball marker holder, and possibly pitch mark repairer which could be incorporated in the final Puttguard design.
Puttguard is only available for blade putters.
This is not a prototype, this is a production model.

This U.S Patent has 18 Claims

Demonstration Video


Why Puttguard ?

Can virtually never get lost, has golfers name tag space on Puttguard.
Tried and tested in all weathers and still works, and looks as good as new.
Turns and locks on to putter [only rubber O rings grip the putter].
Never have to bend down to pick it up.
Can be used as a ball cleaner. ( Final Design).
Can be used to hold ball markers ( Final Design).
Virtually indestructible.
How many golf products on sale can give a lifetime guarantee.

Financial information

Sales potential:

Can be sold in every Golf Course Professional Shop.
Dicks Golf, Americangolf, Nevada Bobs, The Golf Spot, or any Independent Golf Store.
Or to any of the of the big name Golf Brands, Nike, Titelist, Ping, etc.

Market Potential:

USA has an estimated 50 million Golfers.
50% of them use Blade Putters. that's 25 million
If only one golfer in 10, out of that 25 million buy a Puttguard that's 2,500,000
Costs $2.65 to manufacture sells at $19.95 (Could sell for more)
That's profit of $17.30
2,500,000 Puttguards @ $17.30 = $43,250,000 That's only in the USA !
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