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Fabrication Method for Metal Coffee Dripper With Collar Windows

[Category : - Cooking]
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A method for fabricating a manual drip coffee cone from sheet material is comprised of three general steps: In the first step, a conical body 1 is formed from sheet material in the shape of a truncated cone to hold a coffee filter. The base of the conical body 1 forms a drip ring 2, which directs dripping coffee into a receiving vessel and prevents the cone from slipping off the vessel. In the second step, a drip plate 3, having at least one drip hole 4, is fixed to the inside of the conical body 1, near the drip ring 2, to form a drip plate 3 at a short height above the drip ring 2 to provide maximum headspace for effective drip filtration. In the third step, a flat ring collar frame 5 having minimal support components is attached to the outside of the conical body 1 near the same height as the drip plate 3 in order to support the cone to sit on top of a receiving vessel to allow a user to see through to the receiving vessel beneath the cone so that the user can view the rising level of coffee inside the vessel below.

Financial information

Seeking: Sale of Patent or Licensing for Royalties

Item: Utility Patent
Issued: April 19, 2011

Intellectual Property:
1) Assignment or license of issued utility patent;
2) Digital photos of 3 different stainless full-size, fully tested and operable prototypes; and
3) CAD design drawings and specifications.

History: Item has never been licensed, manufactured, nor marketed.

Competitors: A few similar products almost approach infringement, but have not achieved this patent's far superior design for a drip cone that has an actual see-through frame allowing the user to see the level of coffee inside the cup or carafe below it.

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