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LitR-LevR - Effortless 2 Liter Bottle Opening and Control

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Many 2 liter bottle handle patents have preceded it but none come close to the functionality and facility provided by the LitR-LevR. Consider its benefits:

1) Fast and Easy Cap Opener (used for breaking the tamper seal)
2) One Hand Operation (open jaws, attach to bottle, close jaws)
3) Attach and Detach Instantly
4) Minimal Gripping Pressure Requirement (people of all ages and strength can use the LitR-LevR)
5) Pitcher-like Pouring Control (no fluid slosh)
6) Automatically Adapts to Bottle Geometry Variations
7) Compact Design/Easy Storage (on refrigerated bottle, on magnetic refrigerator hook, junk drawer, etc.)

A video found on Link will put dynamics to the above.

Furthermore, the LitR-LevR concept is transferable to any blow molded container with a collar (neck ring). By using the LitR-LevR to attach onto the sturdy container shoulder, allows beverage manufacturers to greatly reduce the material requirements by thinning the container walls. The impact: Increased profits while simultaneously reducing the recycling and land fill load.

Financial information

The current marketing issue is getting retail to pay attention to a small company with a single product that has zero distribution. At minimum I seek a marketing partner with established distribution and retail connections. At maximum I seek to sell the patent. Middle ground arrangements are also available.

LitR-LevR is a US Trademark that is manufactured in Malaysia using ABS from a single cavity tool. The current cost for molding and assembly: $0.85. Anticipated cost in a vertically integrated facility using multi-cavity tools is $0.65. Current list price on eBay is $5.95.

Walk into any Convenience, Discount, Drug, Grocery, etc. store around the world and what do you see? The answer is: 2 liter soda bottles. Why? Because 2 liter containers are currently the least expensive means to purchase soda. However, 2 liter bottles remain clumsy to use. Thus, the potential LitR-LevR market worldwide is huge.

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