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This product (spray) was developed to inhibit the bad smells and to help to inhibit the unwanted secretions which formed in external genital area (vaginal area) of ladies whole day, and to protect the natural media of this area. It can moisturizes and prevents the dryness of external genital area. This product leaves pleasant odor and gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness whole day just after the first spraying.It protects vagina from verious diseases, and helps to get beter in short time.

- protects vaginal area and it’s natural flora.
- it can inhibit the bad smell just only after the first use.
- inhibits the dryness of vaginal area and ensures the care and hygiene of vagina whole day.
- helps to inhibit the unwanted vaginal secretions.
- helps to inhibit the infections and inflamations which formed in vaginal area

- Prophilaxis
- Ensure care and hygiene
- Help in treatment
- Usage is very easy
- It is unique product, high quality, safety and very effective.

Financial information

As known, approximatelly %75 of woman have at least once infected with vaginitis in their lives. So vaginitis and it's symptoms like secretion, Itching, Pain, Changing in vaginal pH media, Irregularity of beneficial bacteries in vaginal media are very common between ladies.

Who Can Use this product?

- vaginal intimate/foams/douche users
- who has itching and vaginal inflammation
- who has secretion or bad smells in vaginal area
- who has unknown caused bad smells in vaginal area
- who has the dryness in vaginal area
- healthy ladies who want to keep fresh and feel good can also use this product.

-Usage easiness (Only spraying, so easy because spray form)
-inhibit the all bad smells with firstly spraying and let fine and fresh smell and feeling whole day.
-help to finish of secretion
-protect the natural area of vagina and balancing pH medium
-prevent the growth of harmful organisms
-protect the good bateria in the vagina called lactobacilli

Vaginal Odor and Secretion Control Sapray is a unique, there is no any equivalent product in this category.
The safety and efficacy of the components of product were known and approved previously so, there is no any requirement of any clinical study.

This product regulated according to EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC), and there is report of safety assessment of product, stability study and challenge test.

According to given up informations we think this product has a wide market potential. So

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