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[Category : - HEALTH- Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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FIELD: medicine. ^ SUBSTANCE: invention refers to anastomosis devices and can be used for anastomosis of either lateral face of one vessel to another vessel, or end of one vessel to lateral face of another vessel, such as, e.g. blood vessels, intestine, ureters or trachea with walls of certain thickness. Screw device comprises screw-shaped coiled spiral spring with non-cutting perforating assembly. Coils of screw-shaped spiral spring are connected by preset minimal distance. Minimal distance between coils corresponds to thickness of vessel walls. Non-cutting perforating assembly is rigid to screw-shaped spiral spring or detachable to screw-shaped spiral spring.
As a result device provides possibility of joined either lateral parts of two vessels (side-to-side) or end of one vessel to lateral part of another vessel (end-to-side) without suturing. ^ EFFECT: development of device design, allowing vessels joining without suturing. ^ 15 cl, 8 dwg

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I want to present you my cutting edge technique and device for vascular anastomosis.
This Suturless device( SD and ASD) are applicable in all domains of vascular surgery, cardiac, thoracic, reconstructive-plastic and neurosurgery. Minimal invasive, also in microsurgery, perfect suitable in robot surgery can be combined with endovascular techniques and in hybrid er procedures.

Patents were granted to me as the sole inventor of this technique in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Russia, India, Australia and Canada.    

When you are interested please contact my patent lawyer Steven SARLET, gevers patents

Erwin De Winter


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