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Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket

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A dual constructed support pillow assembly, designed to be worn on the back of the user (with adjustable straps like a backpack). This pillow will envelope the head, neck, shoulder and back with a cushioned support on all sides and comprised of a fashioned, soft, plush fabric material. A sizable supportive foam body pillow that conforms to the curvature of the body and especially to be used for long distance traveling. The rear of the Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket would boast a zippered pouch which conveniently houses the matching blanket. Additionally, 2 side pockets (1 on each side) would be provided for housing smaller items such as a newspaper, a beverage drink, or small handheld devices. Settling back into the Travel Mate, a traveler would find his or her head, neck, shoulder and back enveloped in softness and comfort. Created for users of all ages and statures, small, medium, large and extra large sizes and will accommodate children, women and men. Created in various colors, styles, print patterns, designs to appeal to the individual's taste, and a few catchy slogans on the back including "No More Ouch", "Sleeeeepy?", "Ohhhh so Comfy", "PPP - Pretty Pink Pillow" (for girls), and "Little Big Man" (for boys).

This pillow can be used on airplanes, trains, cars or other transportation services where there is either no longer comfortable support or very little support for travelers and to eliminate the hassle of carrying bed pillows. The convenience of carrying the pillow on the back like a backpack will allow the traveler to be hands free for carrying suitcases or other bags.

An Admendment was filed on this patent pending in May, 2016.

Financial information

I am looking for a Manufacturer who is interested in a license agreement to produce and market my invention. Manufacturers can log in to ( client no. 6931 for more information. This product is patent pending.

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