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Caila Anti-Theft Cable Lock

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The was designed for the purpose of preventing and reducing theft of cables at a low cost. The operation of the unit is simple and user friendly. It can be manufactured from PP/rPP, PVC/rPVC, or ABS/rABS provided the material or composite has a high tensile strength. We manufactured a basic unit from Sustamid 6 GMO to ascertain that the design works. The unit is close but not to full specification and tests proved that even below the design tolerances, the unit still did what it was designed to do. No tools are required for installation and one person can do the installation. Can be installed in any position, vertical or horizontal, in ducting, square or round or in plain soil. Standard round ducting size, 110 millimeter / 4 inches weighs approximately 248 grams. Multiple cables can be locked in with one unit.
Other designs requires tools and more than one person to install and are not user friendly.
The cost of the unit compared to the savings in overhead expenditure for the replacement of stolen cables is a no-brainer.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale and the potential buyer will get all the designs, adaptations of the designs as well as personal input, if required regarding the product.
Utility departments of municipalities, government, industry, mining, railways, agriculture and maintenance and installation companies are the target market for the product.
Any copper cable installation is part of the market.

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