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Kim Cipher (Patent Pending)

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Do you imagine a normal picture or a digital file from a computer being the main scenario of the encryption and decryption of a message or a word? I mean by all this that without the image or the digital file it is (can be said) impossible to obtain the original message or word. That is the way this cipher is oriented. Its function is to divide an understandable message such as a password into many parts. Then these parts are thought to be distributed amongst many people. All parts are going to be needed for decryption purposes. The image and the digital file are one of the parts.

I have developed three methods of performing the encryption and decryption processes (one is not 100% developed). Also, each method has variants.

Contact me if you are interested and I would give technical details.

Financial information

My invention is new and has not been sold nor marketed previously.

My invention has potential in the security market. Computer softwares can be developed to make this new cipher simple and more practical than it is.

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