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[Category : - HEALTH]
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The present invention relates to the field of medical devices. More particularly, the present invention relates to therapeutic walkers and devices for preventing tipping of a walker during use. The inventive anti-tipping device can be retrofitted to existing walkers and has at least three or more degrees of freedom relative to the walker along which the anti-tip device can be adjusted to provide for a walker with customizable safety supports.
*This device was created to increase the independence and to decrease the risk of falling among walker users (primarily the geriatric population.)
Many seniors have limited ability to stand from the surface that they are sitting on. For instance, their bed, couch, or toilet may be too low for them to stand up independently. This can cause extensive modifications of furniture to be elevated to allow them to stand. As a result, seniors often use the handles of their walker to stand. This can cause the walker to tip backwards, putting them at an increased risk for falling.
The walker anti-tipper also stabilizes the walker, which decreases seniors' "fear of falling." Once a senior begins falling, they loose their confidence to participate in everyday activities. This can result in a decline of function, causing depression, isolation, and an overall deterioration of strength.
Falls are the leading cause of emergency related visits to emergency departments in the United States and the primary etiology of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65.
The walker anti-tipper fits most mechanical walkers, since the tubular diameters are the same.
This invention is considered a class 1 medical device, thus not requiring FDA clearance.

Financial information

The walker anti-tipper is an attachment to a mechanical walker. Due to this, Medicare will reimburse for the walker with an attachment. Medicare reimbursement for walkers vary from state to state. Please go to and click on CMS-1526-P (excel version) for Medicare reimbursements for each state. The HCPC code is EO135.
For a video on how to use this device, search on Youtube for, "Pamela Caldwell, Inventor of the Walker-anti-tipper."

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