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Racquet Power Weights

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This revolutionary (U.S. D703283), patented product are 6 one half ounce weights attached and detached from tennis racquets. Tested and recommended by Hall of Fame Collegiate Tennis Coach Dr. Don Klotz. (Letter on file). The late Dr. Klotz headed up the tennis department at University of Iowa.

Major world-wide and famous celebrity tennis professionals have agreed to endorse product subject to financial accord.

The Racquet Power Weights are placed on the tennis racquet in the 9:00 o'clock and 3:00 o'clock or tip of racquet positions of the racquet frame. User swings the racquet with the added weights or plays with another partner for a period of 2-3 minutes. Upon removal of the weights the user immediately feels a lighter racquet. The results are more power, control and confidence in hitting a tennis ball. For Serve strokes improvement, the weights are placed on the top of racquet with no other weights on racquet. Again the user swings for 2-3 minutes and removes weights.

Product adaptable for the golf club.

All R&D is completed. Have working prototypes, packaging and identified California manufacturer.

The additional weight application works similarly as in the game of baseball. When a baseball player is prepared to go to bat, they swing a bat with a weighted ring around the bat while waiting in the batters box.

Racquet Power Weights is a Registered Trade Mark.

All inquiries require background disclosure before proprietary information revealed.

Financial information

Seeking to negotiate outright sale with lifetime royalties or a license with royalties. Price for patent and trademark in seven figures.

The U.S. Tennis market is estimated at 20 million players and 30 million International.

We have a Registered Trademark for the name "Racquet Power Weights".

Our web site is: Link

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