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Personal safety mobile notification system, method and apparatus

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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The present invention comprises, in one embodiment, a system, process or method for controlling, operating or otherwise directing a personal safety mobile notification system having a mobile device adapted to initiate and transmit an alarm notification signal to a network (such as an PLMN network) in the event of an impending emergency or emergency in progress for further emergency processing by the network. In another embodiment, the mobile device of the present invention is adapted to record, collect, store and transmit evidentiary data concerning the emergency event to the network.

Financial information

We have three issued patents for public safety and security. Patent numbers are 8,013,734 & 8,665,089 & 8,624,727, with total of 68 claims. We are willing to sell all three, along with other patents pending. These will empower anyone who wants to get into the public safety field. The patents include all wearables (expect to be $50 billion market in 5 years) and smart phone alert technology, xyz indoor positioning, etc.
We were the first patent in the world in personal alerting and safety space.

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