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Medicine Dispensing Record System

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A dosage cap records and displays dosage information about a medicine, including, the projected time that the next dosage of medicine is needed, the time interval between numerous administrations of the medicine, the time and/or date that the last dose was administered, the current daily intake amount, the date the dose was administered, or scheduled administration of the medicine. The time and date of the last dosage of medicine administered can be reset and updated when a subsequent dose of medicine is administered. The cap secures over a medicine container lid to provide easy visibility of the dosage information to a user. A shaft extends downwardly from the cap to secure the cap to the medicine container lid by penetrating the lid with a sharp point. A fastener attaches to the end of the shaft for securing the cap to the medicine bottle lid.Every year, 1.5 million people require hospitalization
due to accidental misuse of prescription medications
and over 25,000 Americans die from this circumstance. This misuse happens often, as medication users
accidentally take pills at improper times, or forget to
take them entirely. Now a new, easy to use product
soon to be introduced to the marketplace can
effectively remind people of medication dosage
times and right from the source of that medicationThe Compliacap, which was developed by a registered pharmacist,
assists patients and caregivers in preventing missed dosages of
medication and accidental overdose, as well. The misuse of medicine
is both costly and risky, with the desired effect from its use significantly
lacking if not taken with regularity. The new Compliacap can help by
addressing and correcting these problems.The Compliacap is a device that provides
an audio and visual reminder of dosage times
and is uniquely designed to attach directly
to the cap of medicine bottles. The
Compliacap assists medicine users and
caregivers in preventing missed dosages
and/or accidental overdose of medication.
The Compliacap features easy to read and easy
to use operational buttons to set required dosage
times and a flashing light and speaker which
activates at pre-set intervals. A downward
projecting shaft with covering sheath is also
featured which allows for easily securement of
the device to medicine bottle caps of all types.

The design of the Compliacap with its large yet protected buttons, easy to read LED screen and simple
function ensures its set-up and use are simple and reliable. With the Compliacap , patients and caregivers
can easily be reminded of proper dosage times without having to keep constant track of the time details
associated with each dosage. Benefits
•Reminds patients, in a visual and audible format, to take medicine at dosage times.
•Alerts caregivers, in a visual and audible format, of dosage times.
•Can help reduce instances of under dose and overdose.
•Can help prevent missed dosages of medications.
•Can help ensure maximum benefit from medication regimens.
•Fits directly upon the cap of medicine bottles.
•Set-up and use is convenient, quick and simple to accomplish.
•Provides simple means to re-set dosage times to adhere to strict dosage schedules.
•Can aid patients and caregivers in medication compliance.
•Can aid patients and caregivers in maintaining strict diabetic testing schedules.
•Ideal for consumers on chronic medication regimens.
•Ideal for consumers just beginning a medication regimen.
•Ideal for consumers who suffer memory deficiencies.
•Can help prevent illnesses and mortalities that result from accidental under and overdose.
•Help caregivers reduce the risk of malpractice.
•Can appeal to a very large consumer group, especially seniors.
•Can appeal to the large number of consumers who acknowledge need for such assistance.
•Can help reduce various medical cost related to over and under dosage that is burdened
by the patient and the taxpayer.

Financial information

Looking for an outright sale or license with royalties.
My invention has not been previously sold or marketed.
The Compliacap is sure to appeal to millions of medication users worldwide with special reference to the elderly.
A full marketing report is available upon request.
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