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Cake Cap! (baked cake cover device)

[Category : - OTHER- Food- HEALTH]
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May I present to you the Cake Cap!--A cover for cakes that not only prevents the spreading of germs and bacteria (when blowing out the birthday candles), but the Cake Cap! also assists in dividing/pre-cutting the cake, making cutting of a cake a simple and fun task! The Cake Cap! also includes hole inserts for candles so that there would be no worry about getting messy with frosting when it's time to take out the candles and divide the cake! The Cake Cap! comes in TWO different shapes, for rectangular cakes and for round cakes. Simply insert the cylinder base into the center of the cake, add the top and candles, sing the 'Happy Birthday' song, remove the cover, and you may start slicing away and distributing the perfectly sized pieces of cake for your party/guests!

Here are two demos to show you what the Cake Cap! looks like and how it works...



Thanks for looking!

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