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Make energy from sun, but not with a expensive solar panel

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What's with the product, simple, the idea is to take the energy from the sun through the transformation of heat, like a solar heater, but much of that energy is wasted in homes, so the energy is taken and transformed into heat, and is transmitted through the water, that water passes through a drop of about 30 cm, to leave so steam, then one capsule takes the steam as it is lighter goes up, and pressure it closing the pass on a valve which will be released; that came with pressure and goes to a steam engine, steam or rotor, which create a inducatancia by movement and will be converted into electricity, then the same vapor can pass back to the water tank, and reuse it for the same process, the invention is not new, is the combination of previous ideas, previously describe. Thank you for your attention.

Financial information

The invention is mine in what may be the words and ideas of the above components were earlier inventors to me, what I look with relativity, is not making millions but selling the idea or product, to create new things and make my inventions, so I go to this site either to help the world and to use the idea and I'll be posting more, or to help me create new things. It will be accepted almost anything for the invention. Thank you for your attention. Att: Sebastien Escobar, Guatemala 2014

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