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Survival Fire Tinder By A Marine Tested By Marines Make Offer

[Category : - HUMAN NECESSITIES- Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting]
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That is why I invented this product. Dead in a car? FROZE To death. Why. My product could have prevented this. What NO WOOD. Cannibalize your car! Use the product to get fire...

Please make a reasonable offer. Email me and ill work with you..
I am a Marine Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and taught the survival course for winter, desert, and jungle training for the USMC. That's why I invented this.

A piece of the proceeds Will Go to help the GREAT Men and woman of the armed forces and the family's.

Our Survival Fire Tinder provides a safe and convenient way to start a fire when stranded in any weather will burn at around 5000 degrees, and will light even wet tinder thereby significantly enhancing one's chance of survival.

Purpose & Benefits

Starts a fire in all weather conditions.
Includes a unique combination and preparation of ingredients. Increases the chance of survival. Burns clean to help reduce air pollution. Benefits hunters, fishermen, hikers, trail walkers, military personnel, accident victims And a must for BOB (bug Out Bags)
and more.

Many people become stranded in the wilderness without any way to start a fire. Unfortunately, without a fire, they cannot boil water, signal for help, cook food, or maintain an adequate body temperature—all of which are necessary for survival.

Financial information

Economic and financial information

We are open to any and all options. Please call 406 599 8191 or Email [Use the button below to contact me] Ask for Scott or Sam


Scott & Sam

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