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Morgan's Medicated Diapers

[Category : - HEALTH- Baby products]
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Hello! We’d like to tell you about Morgan’s Diaper Rash Diapers. Morgan’s Diaper Rash Diapers are an invention that will improve currently available baby care products. More specifically, the Morgan Diaper Rash Diapers is a baby diaper with integrated diaper rash cream. Morgan’s Diaper Rash Diapers will also be available in adult sizes for nursing homes and personal use at home. The Morgan’s Diaper Rash Diaper is made with diaper rash cream instead of the using typical messy tubes available on the market.

I myself volunteer in daycares where its a constant hassle in daycare situations because of the need to keep hands washed before tending to another child. Currently, an individual must use hands to apply rash cream such tubes and cream have a habit of getting all over the place, and create a hassle for cleaning (especially in large amounts.)

In addition, we all know the smell can be very inconvenient and very time consuming. The Morgan’s Diaper Rash Diaper was developed to cut time in half as a parent or a caregiver and be just as affective and would be better utilized integrating into the diaper itself.

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