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Closed busbar system for low-voltage distribution

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Closed busbar system for three-phase low voltage distribution, comprising phase bars that extend lengthways and transverse branch bars, one of which is respectively electrically connected to an associated phase bar. The phase bars are maintained in an inserted manner in a socket of an insulating housing for reducing the cross-section or increasing the power in such a manner that a cooling channel associated with each phase track is formed between the rear side of the phase tracks and the base inner side of the socket.
Reflection of ionized gases in case of short circuits at outgoing feeders thus avoid short circuits at incoming point

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Market potential in american / british influenced markets ( North America, Mexico, South America, UK, China, Australia, Russia, Africa, India, etc. )

Same system is patented in China under Patent No ZL 2009 8 0118576.5
Same patent is patented in GCC ( Gulf Cooperative Council ) countries under Patent No GC 0002803

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