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Casein Producing Method

[Category : - Agriculture- HEALTH- Baby products]
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The invention can be used in varies industries, in particular, in the food, paper, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The inventive method consists in separating unpasteurized cow milk in a separator, wherein a skimmed milk and fats are separated. Said method is characterized in that it consists in pasteurizing said skimmed milk in a pasteurizer at a deter­ min ed temperature, in cooling said milk and conveying i t to an i nterm ediate balance ta nk from whi ch th e milk i s suppli ed to a rnicro-111terin g m embra ne-ty pe filter for di v id in g i t into casein and w hey protein s, in supply ing the separated casei n protein to a membrane-type ultrafiltration-defiltration filter, wherein the concentrated product is transferred to a drier for drying, and in cooling and packing the thus produced water­ soluble casein flour.

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