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Buy the patent: iRetrofone, Vintage phone with smart phone docking station (Patent for sale)

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iRetrofone, Vintage phone with smart phone docking station

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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Remember the old phone's of yesterday, rotary phones? Where dialing a number took time? With today’s technology of the iPhone those days seem long gone, until now. With the iRetrofone you can go back in time without losing today’s technology! Simply plug your iPhone into the iRetrofone 2.0 and you’ve got a conversation piece. You can shoulder hug the handset and even twirl the corded handset while chatting away. The iRetrofone is quite the iPhone accessory.

Financial information

We're looking for an outright sale, not a partnership or a license agreement with royalties. The iRetrofone has been sold all over the world and has done well on Etsy.

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