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Protective bicycle cover

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Patented two-tone Bike Poncho™ Waterproof, UV & Wind Protected, Oil Resistant, Washable & Aerodynamic. One-of-a-kind bicycle cover!

Protect your bicycle 24/7: before a race, at home, while at work, on campus, in transport, on the beach, or from theft!

Waterproof, UV & Wind Protected, Oil Resistant, Washable & Aerodynamic. Patented two-tone Bike Poncho™ protects bikes on a campus as well as it does expensive bicycles on their way to triathlons. It’s easy to put on and offers protection in harsh conditions, in transit, or when bikes are stowed in between use. Plus, this one-of-a-kind aerodynamic bicycle accessory folds into a compact pouch that fits under the seat, or in a gym or book bag.

Bike Poncho™ is an international lifestyle product that is the only one of its kind on the market. The waterproof Bike Poncho™ is light weight and can protect virtually any bicycle from the damaging effects of rain, snow, sleet, and UV rays, plus it is oil-resistant. It has a unique, stylish, two-tone rip-stop nylon cover that is easy to put on, and folds neatly into a compact pouch that connects under your bike seat. Bike Poncho™ is also unisex, and comes in dozens of colours and in sizes specifically for road bikes and mountain bikes. It has a universal design to fit virtually any bicycle within these two broad types.

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Financial information


The Industry

Bicycling in the U.S. was a $6.1 billion industry in 2012, including the retail value of bicycles, related parts, and accessories through all channels of distribution, according to research funded by the National Sporting Goods Association.

39.3 million Americans age seven and older were estimated to have ridden a bicycle six times or more in 2012. Cycling is the seventh most popular recreational activity in the U.S., behind exercise walking, swimming, camping, fishing, exercising with equipment and bowling according to the National Sporting Goods Association.

Riding for transportation is a growing market that is important for the industry because it establishes cycling as a legitimate part of the nations transportation mix. The industry, as well as cyclist across the country, have strongly advocated for streets and roads to be made friendlier to bicyclists and pedestrians in recent years. Bicycles are important not only as vehicles to make an entire trip to work, but also as connectors for short trips from mass transit. Several cities and companies have instituted bike sharing programs that allow people to borrow a bike for transportation and return it later.

Bicycles are clearly much more than toys, and their combination of utility and recreation use continues to justify support for cycling-friendly roads, trails and related facilities. Cycling facilities construction is at an all-time high and both pedestrian and bicycle facilities have received an increasing level of support from the government in recent years. Better facilities continue to be an important factor in the industry's growth, as bicycles continue to provide Americans with a clean and healthy transportation alternative that is both practical and affordable. Bicycle use continues to be an potential solution for improving people's health, as well as contributing to more livable communities.

If we rode one 4-mile round trip by cycling instead of riding in our cars each week, we would burn nearly 2 billion fewer gallons of gas each year. At a cost of $3.64 a gallon, that's $6.6 billion in savings.

The Bike Poncho has an Industrial Patent for BOTH U.S. and Canada.
Canadian Industrial Patent Design No.: 133977
United States Design Patent No.: US D626.060 S

I would ideally like to sell The Bike Poncho as a whole, and collect a royalty, however I am open to any offers going forward.

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