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Optical filter instead of Venetian blinds and other devices

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Patent RU 2509324 "Expedient of regulation of the directional gear transmission of light" was issued in 2014. The patent expires in 2030. The invention is applicable in architecture and construction for angular regulating the directional light transmission of a window without Venetian blinds or other devices.
The smart window has an optical filter with angular selective light transmission. On any two surfaces of glazed window, the thin-film grating layers are formed by known methods or by sticking two films with gratings. The gratings consist of directionally transmissive strips alternating with absorptive, reflective, or scattering (preferably made from chromogenic materials) strips. Their relative position on two surfaces provides angular selectivity of light transmission without the use of blinds or other additional devices for redistribution of sunlight.
Geometrical parameters of surface gratings are calculated by special algorithm to satisfy demanded and in advance set angular characteristic of regulation of the light transmission taking into account geographic coordinates of the terrain and orientation of the window to the cardinal. Such windows without blinds etc. would be more convenient to use, aesthetic, economical and environmentally friendly.
Design of the grating optical filter, a method for calculation of its parameters, experimental results are in:
1) Zakirullin R.S. An optical filter with angular selectivity of the transmittance // Journal of Optical Technology. 2013. Vol. 80, No. 8. P. 480–485.
2) Zakirullin R.S. Creating optical filters with angular-selective light transmission // Appl. Opt. 2015. Vol. 54. No. 21. P. 6416–6419.
3) Zakirullin R.S., Letuta S.N. A smart window for angular selective filtering solar radiation // Solar Energy. 2015. Vol. 120. P. 585–592.
4) Zakirullin R.S. Optimized angular selective filtering of direct solar radiation // J. Opt. Soc. Am. A. 2018. Vol. 35. No. 9. P. 1592–1598.
Sincerely, Rustam Zakirullin, Doctor of Science in Optics, Professor.

Financial information

Preferably, I am looking for outright sale my Patent RU 2509324 based on Application PCT/RU2010/000234 (publ. 19.05.11, WO 2011/059360) .
This invention has not been previously sold or marketed.
The market potential depends on the number of consumers who want to control the light transmission of a window at motion of the sun relative to it without using the Venetian blinds or other devices for redistribution of sunlight.
I have Patent RU 2677069 associated with this invention.
I prefer to sell my Patents RU 2677069 and RU 2509324 in complect (the total asking price for both patents is indicated).

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