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System for producing power.

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This design uses disproportional power ratios of electrical motors and alternators to create a self sustaining over parity using mechanical advantage.

This prototype uses.

5 12v 25ah batteries.
5 13ohm 500w resistors giving 80v and 39a
A 80Nm 700rpm 2000w brushless motor
A 1200v 150a diode
A 3000w 240-120v step down transformer
A 240v 20kw 1500rpm generator
A big small pulley system.

How it works is the five batteries are connected in series to the motor, on the motor is a big pulley, connected to a small pulley on the generator. This at first generates 200v and 70a out of the generator as the motor turns it. This power passes through the step down transformer, through the diode then into the resistors. This feedback it now putting 80v and 39a into the brushless motor through the resistors and into the battery. Now the motor is running at 95Nm and 900rpm, putting 12.2Hp at 1500rpm or 8.9kw at the generator. So the system is using 3kw in total roughly and producing 8.9kw giving it a self sustained motion and total over parity of 5kw for constant use.

The picture you are seeing is a functional prototype I have built.

Financial information

To be negotiated.

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