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Full Pot - The Pot That Does The Lot

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Introducing the ‘Full-Pot’. The unique design of the ‘Full-Pot’ bottle permits the use of the entirety of the contents, ensuring no waste. “The pot that does the lot” has an array of purposes: ideal for nail polishes, medicine, perfumes and essential oils. As a result, the multifunctional ‘Full-Pot’ is compatible with a variety of fitments, including: brushes, pipettes, droppers and syringes.

This is how it works:

The bottle consists of two chambers: the lower chamber is the main reservoir and the upper chamber contains the shield. The shield has been designed with two vents which allow the fluid to flow into the top of the bottle and air to escape. By inverting the ‘Full-Pot’ the fluid flows up the chamber of the bottle and past one of the vents (located in the shield). This then fills the top of the bottle and, once the bottle is turned back upright, diverts the fluid back into the pot. Any excess then returns to the bottom of the bottle.

When the bottle is initially opened the utensil automatically rises to the correct level for loading. The patent also specifies a screw mechanism feature, located in the bottle top, which also enables the user to control the level of loading. The ‘Full-Pot’ really is the pot that does the lot.

This link will take you to a video demonstrating the Full Pot in use, although it is simulating nail varnish, the same principle can be applied to medicine bottles with syringes: Link

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The market potential for this product is various makeup companies, medicine bottles manufacturers, essential oils, paint pots, ink wells and any other company that produces products which use bottles and syringes.

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