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Multi Food Cutting Device - Unique Tool For Slicing, Peeling

[Category : - Food- Cooking]
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A device for cutting, peeling and slicing avocados and other fruits and vegetables includes a handle, a frame element connected to the handle, and a rotating blade assembly operably secured to the frame. The rotating blade assembly has one or more cutting elements for cutting, slicing and peeling. The rotating blade assembly is operably secured to the frame by a shaft allowing both movement and positioning of the blade assembly at various angles in relation to the frame, and fixing the rotating blade assembly in a desired position for use.

Financial information

The sales strategy: An exceptional, unique, economical multi-food cutter that has a great sales potential, also priced for consumers. Choice to buy individual interchangeable parts or buy full set.

Buyer of this patent will be required to pay all taxes. Sale will be in US dollars.

I have had many calls from different companies and also from TV companies wanting to sell the product for mail order and some were calling about investment for my invention. Unfortunately, I don’t have any products to sell yet. I just have the prototype.

If you are interested, need more information or have any questions please contact me.

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