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Medical Specimen Device - Lockable Specimen Transporter

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A lockable blood and urine sample transporter. The transporter has a thermostatically controlled cooling unit which maintains the specimens at a fixed temperature. The transporter also has a securing lock which prevents unauthorized access to the specimens contained therein.

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The Lockable Specimen Transporter was invented and designed for the safety and security of Biological Specimens; Urine and Blood Specimens in accordance with the Health and Human Services(HHS), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) "chain of custody" standards for specimen collection and transport.

The Lockable Specimen Transporter is suited for collection of specimens both in the office or field settings.

The Lockable Specimen Transporter has massive Local, National and International market potential.

Millions of Urine and Blood specimens are collected each day at Specimen collection centers, doctors offices and via Mobile Collection units such those utilized by blood banks.

The Chain of Custody requirements are in effect however, there often overlooked by collection sites and personnel who are either not at all versed in chain of custody compliance practices and how the mishandling of specimens may impact the donor and the specimen.

Pushed to market the Lockable Specimen Transporter has excellent value and a definite market.

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