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Device for monitoring a tanking process

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Special valve to prevent fraud with delivery of oil.

In Germany the problem of irregularities and fraud is detected with refueling private households with oil for their central heating systems and (transport) companies with Diesel oil for their trucks.
Germany is specially mentioned because statistics of this type of fraud are available for Germany.
This type of fraud is likely to take place in other countries as well where many houses are still heated with oil.
This lucrative type of fraud is committed in such a way that when the customer’s oil tank is connected to the supplier’s oil truck, air instead of oil is fed into the oil tank.
If as a result of this type of fraud the custmer receives 10% less oil than he ordered, he will loose 300 litres of oil on a tank content of 3,000 litres.
To speak of honest suppliers without harm, suppliers committing fraud cause a huge damage to oil consumers in Germany alone.
The remedy against this phenomenon is a special type of valve which will stop the refuel operation immediately when the smallest amount of air will flow into the valve.
The valve is a mechanically engineered product and bears the provisional name of „Schutzgerät“ which is German for Protector.
The „Schutzgerät“ does not need electric energy and is easily screwed upon the filling opening oft he customer’s oil tank.
In view of the many households in Germany still using oil to heat their houses(approximately 6 million) distributing the „Schutzgerät“ will be a lucrative business.
An other target group will be transport companies that use Diesel oil for their trucks.
Industries manufacturing or dealing with pumps, valves and piping systems will know about other applications of the „Schutzgerät“.
A first series of several hundred units was sold in Germany through a retail chain recently.
However, for reasons of age the inventor prefers to sell his patent instead of making investments in serial production now that larger orders are expected.
Those interested are advised to contact [Use the button below to contact me] for further technical and financial details of this invention.

Abstract of the patent registry:
The device has an inlet (11), an inlet opening (12), an outlet (18) and a filling valve with a closing piston (6). An insert with a tubular section (34) is arranged in the inlet in a moving manner. The insert has a flow surface (35) for the medium to be filled, by which the insert is moved on filling the medium to the closing piston such that the flow gap is temporarily reduced.
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